Titan's intake Screens can be fabricated to include an interior screen of smaller diameter, wider slots and decreased open area. This interior screen construction enables the larger open area of the exterior screen to evenly intake
water over the entire length of the screen. The interior screen intakes water at a higher velocity yet the larger
interior slots are kept from plugging by the smaller width exterior slots. The greater open area of the
exterior slots can be designed to keep the entrance velocity low enough to avoid plugging in
most applications. Open area calculations and screen sizes can be determined using
the PVC slotting charts found on our engineering page or by calling
Titan at 1-800-658-4086
Drum style screens are available in sizes up to 48" in diameter. PVC or HDPE construction provides an inexpensive alternative to metal screens. Drum style screens are often used in installations where water current is slow. Slots on the screen can be perpendicular Thread as shown or parallel to the long axis of the screen. The intake pipe extends into the interior of the screen helping to equalize intake flows across the full length of the screen. .
Titan Intake Screens can be fabricated out of nearly any type of tube based plastic pipe. Materials such as PVC or HDPE are AWWA approved for potable water. HDPE is a plastic that has proven to be highly resistant to chemical and corrosive exposure. It is UV resistant, not subject to electrolysis and is a very "slick" material, making it an ideal screen where marine life growth on screens is a problem. HDPE has a very high impact strength, nearly impervious to cracking, even at freezing temperatures.
Tee shaped screens are commonly used for water intakes. Titan's Tee shaped screens are available in many types of pipe based plastics. PVC, HDPE, Solid Core ABS and CPVC construction allow convenient use of standard fittings and joining methods. Plastic screens can be custom fabricated quickly and inexpensively. Titan's extensive fabrication abilities and massive inventory enables us to react quickly to your needs. Virtually any type of slotted or round hole screen is available in many different styles.
Standard plastic fittings can be used to assemble the screens. The screen ends are inserted into a plastic fitting and held in place by a stainless steel bolt. This method allows the screen to be unassembled and reassembled without damage.
Screens can be permanently assembled with standard plastic fittings by solvent welding or by hot air welding. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) screens can be "electro-fusion" welded.